Strategic Communications

Communications for Change:

WSP Helps Bridge the Gap 

Helping governments better communicate with citizens is an important part of WSP’s agenda.
Building platforms for communities to work together helps build accountability and transparency of government and gives a voice to poor people.  
Communications is not just a one-way flow of information between citizens and a government; it is an opportunity for governments to understand and respond to its citizens and for citizens to appreciate how governments work.  

 WSP Approach

Working as a key player in a global partnership, WSP develops communications strategies that support reforms, build client capacity, and share information to achieve our collective goals of helping poor people gain sustained access to improved water and sanitation services. We respond to an increasing demand from country clients to assist in their communications capacities.
Building on our comparative advantage from proactive engagement with country clients and long experience in knowledge management and advocacy, WSP focuses attention on how to build political goodwill, acceptance, and support for sector reforms at the local and national levels.