What does it take to successfully implement a sanitation marketing program? Who does what, and when?

This module reviews operational aspects including capacity building, performance monitoring, procurement, budgeting, timing, and possible staffing, based on WSP’s experience to date. However, there is no single model: each country and project will vary based on actuals such as organizational capacity, experience, and budget, among other variables.

Keep in MindKey Terms
  • Recruit experts in critical fields.
    In addition to a program manager, you should hire specialists in marketing, capacity building, and monitoring and evaluation, as well as district or regional coordinators.
  • Reviewing research study proposals
    Here are some possible red flags to keep in mind when reviewing research study proposals: * Not responsive to terms of reference * Direct cutting and pasting * Incomplete proposal * No rationale for sample size * Weak methods section * No quality control measures specified or insufficient * No mention of possible study limitations * Key team members such as team leader and analyst are not full-time employees * Field workers are young and have little experience
  • Reviewing financial proposals
    Assumptions pertaining to the financial proposal should be explicit and well-documented. Additional suggestions, particularly for large research studies, include: * Develop a budget estimate before issuing request for proposals that includes major costs, such as staff and travel. Just knowing the total contract amount (or what you have to spend) will not help when negotiating terms * Gather comparison data on costs from similar projects or budgets * Check for calculation errors in financial proposals * Ensure that all activities outlined in the technical proposal are budgeted in the financial proposal * Ask firms to explicitly cost out each activity and sub-activity * This will provide room for negotiation * Look for possible cost estimates that grossly over- or under -estimate the level of effort to complete scope of work * A realistic financial proposal draws from a well thought out and well-structured terms of reference. Spend some time thinking through the activity and estimating level of effort before issuing a request for proposals.
  • Integrate activities from the start.
    Plan Community‐Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) and sanitation marketing activities in an integrated manner from the beginning so as to maximize potential for synergy.

capacity building specialist


district and regional coordinators

experiential learning cycle

exposure survey

lot quality assurance surveys (LQAS)

marketing specialist

media monitoring

message recall

monitoring and evaluation specialist

performance monitoring

program manager

spot check

training design

training management

training strategy


*NEW* Sanitation Marketing in Indonesia — Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)


UNICEF Sanitation Marketing Guidance Notes


WSP Sample Terms of Reference