East Asia and the Pacific

East Asia and the Pacific is facing a challenge to bring about greater commitment to sector reforms, and to create the institutional framework and capacity necessary to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. The region is broadly on track to meet the overall poverty reduction goal, but there are wide disparities among countries of their likelihood of reaching specific goals. 

Although sector reforms have been put into place in a number of countries in the region, progress in implementing these policies has been slow due to a combination of factors which include weak local capacity, lack of appropriate institutional frameworks, and lack of support for sector reform from critical constituencies of stakeholders. In light of a wide gap between national policies and actual implementation, the Water and Sanitation Program-East Asia and the Pacific (WSP-EAP) will continue to work with clients and partners to formulate pragmatic approaches to achieving the water and sanitation goals.

WSP-EAP initiatives center on:

  • Policy reform: WSP-EAP works with our partners and clients in five focus countries—Cambodia, Lao PDR, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam—to understand the implications of the MDGs for sector planning and resource mobilization and to develop and implement national strategies to achieve the Goals.
  • Communications for reform: Advocacy with central and local governments and civil society to increase the political will for implementing reforms and increasing investment in the sector.
  • Institutional effectiveness: WSP-EAP’s role includes helping institutions become more effective in mobilizing and using client and partner resources to achieve the MDGs.
  • Capacity building: Helping government policy-making efforts, with workable strategies, action plans and overall approaches that make policy happen.
  • Knowledge management: Studies, field trials and demonstration activities that guide policy and support large scale investments.

Our regional office is in Jakarta, Indonesia.