Africa is facing an ongoing, endemic water and sanitation crisis that debilitates and kills in large numbers, limiting economic growth, educational access, and life opportunities. Most at risk are the poor, especially women and children in rural areas and growing informal settlements in cities. Only 62 percent of Africans have access to safe water and 60% have access to adequate sanitation, the lowest rates in the world.

Institutional reforms already underway to address these problems will have to deliver quickly and new strategies need to be developed in fragile environments where governments are not in a position to lead. By prioritizing WSS services in poverty reduction strategies (PRS) and applying business principles to their implementation, governments can strengthen sector governance and transparency. Our role is to support our partners’ initiatives by providing direct advice and assistance at national, regional, and local levels. We are in a position to help develop policies and financial plans, find and test innovative solutions, promote best practices, document lessons learned, and develop capacity for sustained service access.

WSP-AF strives to be a valued, high-level source of impartial advice and experience, based on comparative knowledge of what works. Our strategy is to make an impact in three critical entry points:

  • Promoting sector reform, improved governance, and the development of country-owned roadmaps
  • Assisting countries in developing sustainable financing strategies to implement large-scale programs
  • Providing capacity-building support to both regional and national policymakers and service providers

The bulk of WSP-Africa's national support is focused on select focus countries (see list below). Country-level support generally follows the sequence of assisting clients in planning reforms, developing strategies, and implementing investment programs. Increasingly, country plans also include helping clients develop effective sector communication strategies.

Our Regional Office is in Nairobi, Kenya