Book 7 — Manual for Production and Installation of Pour-Flush Latrines (Lao PDR)

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Brief Discription

This standard manual for pour-flush latrine production and installation was designed by
Vongkhamxay-OD Survey-Design & Construction Co., LTD. on behalf of Population Services
International (PSI) Laos and Water and Sanitation Program of the World Bank (WSP). The
purpose is to provide clear instructions to latrine producers on how to produce and install
pour-flush latrines in rural areas where it can help provide users with better health and a
cleaner environment.
This latrine design takes into consideration the availability of required materials and the
logistics of latrine production in rural areas in Laos. It has been designed to use those
materials that are most easily accessible, while still prioritizing quality, attractiveness, and
affordability. Latrine producers who use this design will be able to make a profit by
producing quality, affordable latrines using local materials, and will also be contributing to a
cleaner, healthier environment in the area they serve.
PSI will provide production and installation training according to this manual for business
owners who are members of the network.

Lao, Lao PDR, Laos, Sanitation Marketing, Sanitation, Rural Sanitation, Behavior Change, Implementation, open defecation, ODF, CLTS
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