Book 5 — Latrine Production and Installation Training: Facilitator’s Guide (Lao PDR)

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Brief Discription

Participants will learn how to produce a high quality, desirable pour-flush latrine that delivers maximum
health benefits, durability, and attractiveness at an affordable price.
By training sanitation entrepreneurs in the modules included in this Guide, participants will:
1. Be able to produce latrine products and services at prices that responds to the demands of the
2. Deliver the latrine products in a way that prevents damage
3. Install latrine products in a way that prevents damage and groundwater contamination
The learning activities in this training are designed to be hands-on, with the aim of allowing “learning by
doing” by participants to set them up for successful learning. As new businesses are often recruited one
at a time in SanMark implementation, this training has been designed to be implemented with
participants from a single business. The training has also been designed to take place “on-site” at their
place of business to maximize training time effectively and efficiently, and to ensure that the training is
relevant for the business owner. The training will take place in short sessions over three days to respect
participants’ time with the understanding that they are trying to run a business. Business owners, as
well as any laborers that will participate in the production, delivery, and installation of pour-flush
latrines should take part in this training.
Training facilitators should guide participants through the activities, acting as coaches while the
participants do all of the hands-on work. In order to increase the probability that the participants will be
motivated to learn the information, new information is given in small doses and buy-in is accomplished
by building upon what they already know from their personal experiences.
Since there is a good possibility that the participants already have some of the information, the focus of
the learning activities is to draw the information from them, with additional enhancements made by the
facilitator as needed. This may include prompting them with questions that will help them discover the
correct or complete answer. Or, it may involve having them review reference pages in the Manual for
the Production and Installation of Pour-Flush Latrines to try to discover the answers themselves.

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