Mitigating and Adapting Water and Sanitation Service Delivery to Climate Change Impacts


Objective:  WSP will concentrate its efforts  on helping governments mainstream climate  change impacts into ongoing programs by developing and implementing climate change  adaptation and disaster risk management approaches for the water and sanitation sector. In the  second year of the FY11-15 Business Plan, WSP is on track in the few countries where this  business area is being implemented. This is a forward-looking business area in which issues of  climate change and the ability of sectors to adapt and mitigate these changes will continue to  evolve as initial results help to inform both the practice and WSP’s contribution. 
Context: The impacts of climate change are being manifested locally as a consequence of  extreme and more frequent weather patterns. These more extreme natural events are  disproportionately affecting the poor. The impacts of these natural events on water and sanitation  infrastructure, how to best manage their consequences, and how to adapt to their increasing  recurrence are of direct concern to client governments. In the water and sanitation sector, these  climate challenges, in addition to the challenges of existing fragile WSS systems, must be  addressed.