Unlocking the Potential of the Domestic Private Sector

The role of the domestic private sector in the delivery of water and sanitation services was the focus of the global workshop organized and hosted by WSP, “Unlocking the Potential of the Domestic Private Sector in Water and Sanitation Services”. 
Held at the Millenium Gloucester Hotel in London, the workshop was attended by over 120 participants from 30+ countries and included discussions on a diverse set of topics, which included partnerships between utilities and small scale providers in urban areas, role and significance of private sector providers in small towns and rural areas, promoting private sector participation in sanitation and hygiene, and access to financing and business development services by both small and large providers.
Moving forward, WSP intends to build on the lessons from the DPSP initiative and the recommendations from the workshop to WSS in two key areas: (1) enabling service providers in the sector to access resources to scale up their operations and (2) facilitating the entry of private financiers into the sector. This approach will aim to address the "upstream" sector reform work to facilitate successful private sector participation, and direct support to private operators to access finance and other business development services. 
Workshop: Day one: JUNE 10, 2008
Opening Plenary
Welcome Remarks
Peregrine Swann, Senior Water Advisor, DFID
Overview of WSP’s Domestic Private Sector Initiative and Perspectives from some private providers on their opportunities and challenges
Preparing the ground for domestic private sector participation
Moderator: Cathy Revels, WSP
Parallel 1
Domestic private sector participation in rural and small town water supply
Moderator: Dennis Mwanza, WSP-Africa
Parallel 2
Market finance for larger service providers
Moderator: Chris Heymans, WSP
Parallel 3
Promoting private sector participation in sanitation and hygiene
   Moderator: Jacqueline Devine, WSP
Workshop: Day two: JUNE 11, 2008
Special vehicles for broadening access to market finance
      Moderator: Pradeep Singh, Infrastructure Development Finance Company (IDFC), India
Parallel 4
Partnerships between urban utilities and small providers
Moderator: Glenn Pearce-Oroz, WSP
Parallel 5
Finance & business development services for small and medium providers
Moderator: Joyita Mukherjee, WSP
Closing Plenary 
Synthesis of parallel session recommendations and implications for future directions.
Facilitator: Steve Jones