WSP supporting the sector reform in Honduras by raising awareness on the links between gender and water

The workshop and the assessment work form an important part of WSP’s efforts to support water and sanitation sector reform in Honduras. The aim of the assessment is to raise awareness among the authorities on the close links that exist between gender and water, as well as to initiate discussion and exchange knowledge on the subject matter on a wider scale in Latin America.

Unlike many other Latin American countries, Honduras has legislation on equal opportunities for men and women in place. An institutional framework has been created to support the legislation and gender issues are being taken into account on many policy fields. Furthermore, although the national legislation on water and sanitation sector has no references to gender, there are attempts to include gender approach to procedures in various administrative levels in the sector.

However, despite the advances in the Honduran legal framework regarding gender equity, the reality in the water and sanitation sector looks less rosy. Women are noticeably underrepresented among the state institutions working in the sector and the employees are neither being trained on how to take gender approach into account in their work, nor provided with information on the subject matter.

The assessment, due to be published early 2006, will address these gaps and put forward detailed recommendations for the sector authorities.

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