WSP Meets with the Donors

Discussion topics included:
  • The role of the domestic private sector in the provision of water supply and sanitation to the poor,
  • Finance and corruption in the sector,
  • Establishing a multi-donor trust fund for East Asia,
  • Scaling up of rural WSS programs and sustainable sanitation.
The dialogue on sanitation focused on how to keep sanitation on WSP’s agenda, how to grow pilot projects into wide-scale projects, and engaging small private operators.

During the meeting, WSP presented its major activities of Financial Years 2006 and 2007. Topics discussed included leveraging more financial and technical inputs from the domestic private sector, creating enabling environments for small-scale providers, and piloting private operation of small town and rural water supply.

Developing handwashing campaigns to reduce diarrheal diseases will be a considerable part of WSP’s work program for the next fiscal year. Programs under full implementation in Ghana, Senegal and Peru are only a few examples that illustrate the efforts in promoting sanitation.

As follow-up to the Council meeting, WSP will discuss its 10-year strategy with the donors during World Water Week in Stockholm.

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