LatinoSan 2007: Cali Declaration Unites Region Toward Sanitation Targets

After an intense and vivid dialogue between ministerial authorities for sanitation and a variety of stakeholder groups, the Cali Declaration was signed in an official act in the presence of the international and national media.  Undoubtedly, the Cali Declaration has been the milestone of this 5-day event, which created a space for dialogue among 850 participants, including representatives from 42 countries, high level sector authorities from 22 Latin American countries, 137 specialists, professionals from various institutions, local leaders, and the general public.   The Cali Declaration considers following actions:  
  1. To prioritize sanitation in the national development policies.
  2. To support the achievement of the main objectives of the International Year of Sanitation.
  3. To strengthen the intergovernmental cooperation in the Region.

The challenge now is to translate this declaration into local action and generate impact on the livelihoods and health of the poorest segments of the Latin American population.  

Drawing media attention to sanitation issues

Besides the daily coverage, LatinoSan provided the opportunity to 14 international journalists to participate in a capacity building program on sanitation issues.  Keynote speakers were:

Ede Ijjasz- WSP’s Global Manager  

Francois Brikke- WSP-LAC Regional Team Leader: Como Estamos en America Latina y el Caribe?

Federico Basañes- Chief of the Water and Sanitation Division of the Inter-American Development Bank: Los Servicios de Agua y Saneamiento: Retos y Propuestas 

Jean Gough- Acting Director of UNICEF for Latin America: Año Internacional de Saneamiento 2008  

Sanitation Stories

Four videos on sanitation were awarded as part of the Audio Visual Competition launched as part of the cultural and didactic activities of LatinoSan:  

  • The Water goes to school (UNICEF Nicaragua)
  • Value sanitation (Medellin’s Water Utility EPM)
  • Building healthy lifes (PRODIA NGO, Cajamarca, Peru)
  • Water for Life (Pro Agua del Pueblo Association, Guatemala), which received a special recognition for treatment of indigenous topics, and the quality of the production and script.

The winner will have the opportunity to show its video in AfricaSan, the African Sanitation Conference, to be held next year from February 18-20.

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