Innovative Information, Education and Communication Materials in Lao PDR

Starting in Fiscal Year 2006, this first phase of the project aims to find creative and innovative ways to convey good hygiene practice messages. The process involves active public-private and community participation using local knowledge and practice.

Rural Hygiene Promotion Calendar:

The pilot phase started in four selected ethnic villages of Luang Namtha Province in the remote north-west of the country. Using the community dialogue and informed choice were successful in enhancing community involvement in the development of hygiene promotion calendar. The community in each village selected models to represent their own communities. The models in their traditional costumes were photographed demonstrating hygiene's best practice in the local context. The hygiene promotion messages described by the communities were printed in their own ethnic languages on each page of the calendar. The calendars promote the diverse Lao culture and introduce to many people the unique scripts of each of the local ethnic groups for the first time. The calendars also highlight the Lao calendar year which runs from April to March.

Urban Hygiene Promotion Calendars:

Articulating the hygiene promotional messages in the urban context, the government is conveying these messages through well-known young models. Two prototypes of urban hygiene promotion calendars are being piloted. One has been developed in natural surroundings while the other shows the models in traditional costumes. The calendars have received very positive feedback from people in all walks of life.

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