Global Scaling up Handwashing Behavior Change Project

Rates of handwashing with soap in the developing world are very low, ranging from almost 0%-35%. To prevent childhood death and illness from diarrheal and respiratory infection, mothers and school aged children should wash their hands with soap after using the toilet or changing a child and always before feeding a child, cooking, or eating. If practiced widely, the simple habit of washing hands with soap could save millions of lives each year.

The Global Scaling Up Hand Washing Project, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is an innovative approach to improve and protect the health of poor rural and urban families (especially children under five) living in developing countries by effectively promoting handwashing behavior change at large scale.  The global WSP project is being implemented in Tanzania, Senegal, Vietnam and Peru.  The Project also aims to replicate the handwashing programs throughout the developing world.

Global Scaling Up Hand Washing Six Month Meeting Report

The Six Month Global Team Meeting for the Gates funded Global Scaling Up Hand Washing Project was held in Dakar, Senegal from May 29-31, 2007.  The objectives of the meeting were to promote team building - especially for new team members who were not present in the start-up planning meeting; ensure that all participants have a common understanding of the overall activity and the implications of a learning project; review of country and global level workplans and budgets and progress to date; discuss lessons learned to date; ensure mutual learning between the Global Scaling Up project team and regional WSP-Africa sanitation and hygiene efforts in other countries; discuss/share/learn/advice about sanitation marketing and total sanitation approaches as being applied in the various countries; review and discuss management challenges encountered during the first 6 months of the project; discuss the status of key deliverables at the country and HQ level; review the status of the impact evaluation and M&E system in each country; develop country and global level plans to document and disseminate learnings in a consistent, effective, and efficient way and; develop a plan for the next six months in the respective countries and at global level.

This meeting was hosted by Interim Country Task Manager for Senegal, Ousseynou Diop and was facilitated by Michael Eldon. In attendance were WSP HQ core team, the Country Task managers for the HW Project and members of the African Regional team including.  See List of Participants.  Over the duration of three days, discussions were held on the reviewed progress made during the previous six months, paying keen attention to those activities and milestones that were not yet achieved and brainstorming on how to address delays.  Reviews were also done on the impact evaluation and the overall monitoring systems at the global and country level.  During the last day, the HQ and field teams worked closely in reviewing budgets, Project Implementation Plans, Milestones, Timelines and M&E activities; the product of those discussions was individual workplans for HQ and each of the countries for the next six months, which were presented to the audience by the respective task managers. The full three-day agenda and links to all presentations given at the Month Team Meeting are below:

Tuesday, May 29 2007

Welcoming and General Reflections - Ede Ijjasz, Manager, WSP Meeting Objectives Progress to Date, Areas Where We are Behind, Issues and Concerns, Lessons Learned
  • HQ Perspective - Eduardo Perez, Task Team Leader, WSP
  • Peru - Rocio Florez, Water and Sanitation Specialist, Peru
  • Senegal - Ousseynou Diop, Regional Technical Director, Senegal 
  • Vietnam - Nga Kim Nguyen, Coordinator, National Handwashing Initiative, Vietnam
Status of Monitoring and Evaluation Systems - Jack Molyneaux, Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, WSP

Wednesday, May 30 2007

Introducing FOAM: Focus, Opportunity, Ability, Motivation - Jacqueline Devine, Senior Social Marketing Specialist Africa Regional Perspective - Jason Cardosi, Consultant, Kenya The Role of the PPPHW in the WSP Global Scaling Up HW - Global PPPHW - Lene Odum Jensen The Learning Agenda - Lene Odum Jensen

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Planning for the future; Working session to review of key project documents such as budgets, PIP, Milestones & Timeline and M&E activities
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