Dirty Water, Poor Sanitation Kill Millions Each Year

Scarce money is spent in developing countries caring for people suffering from preventable water-born illnesses.  Precious time (particularly women's time) is also spent fetching water like beasts of burden.  It is estimated that forty billion working hours are lost each year in Africa to the need to carry water. (Cosgrove and Rijsberman 1998)

It is estimated that 4 billion people – one-half of the world’s population – will live under conditions of severe water stress in 2025, with conditions particularly severe in Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia. The world’s poorest countries need to achieve a higher level of water security if they are to lift people out of poverty and improve their health and household incomes.

WSP's goal is a world where all people have sustainable access to safe, reliable, and affordable water and sanitation services.  We build local capacity by providing targeted support to national and local governments, local communities, and their support organizations.  We advocate the changes needed for broad reform in the water and sanitation sector.  Our challenge is to replicate successful projects, continue targeted learning efforts, and support reforms that will bring sustained investments in the sector.

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