Communicating the Rome Consensus in a Local Context

Last October, the First World Congress on Communication for Development took place in Rome with more than 1000 communicators from 90 countries. This conference was hosted and mainly funded by the Government of Italy through its Foreign Ministry, and organized by the World Bank, Development Communication Division (DevComm), the Food and Agriculture Organization’s Communication for Development group and the Communication Initiative Network, an online community. Sessions covered Good Governance, Participation, and Transparency, Health in time of Poverty, and Communication in Sustainable Development.

WSP shared lessons learned from a paper titled “Building a private-public and social partnership to change water and sanitation management models in small towns” during the Good Governance session. WSP presented a banner summarizing the Peruvian project aimed at changing the management model of the water and sanitation services by promoting a partnership between the municipality, the community, and a local operator.

Since then, the Peruvian delegation attending the Rome Congress - comprised of the civil society organization Calandria, CONAM, the governmental agency for environmental issues, the Ombudsman Office, the Center for Social Studies, WSP, and the University of Lima - decided to create a task force at the national level to adapt the recommendations of the Rome consensus (the main output from the Rome conference) to the local context and prepare a work plan and road map to orient these efforts.

This new platform for dialogue will help improve inter-institutional communication and collaboration in order to coordinate more effective and consolidated actions towards the inclusion of communication for development in policy and practice. Representatives from the Congress organizers at the local level, the World Bank and the FAO, as well as the UN System in Peru will also be part of this initiative.

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