2nd Annual Global Scaling Up Sanitation Project Team Meeting

The Global Total Sanitation and Sanitation Marketing Project (TSSM) is in its second year of implementation, and the project team recently held their 2nd annual team meeting in Bali, Indonesia from July 13-17, 2008. There were 20 participants representing the three countries where the project is being implemented along with staff from Washington DC and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The objectives of the meeting were to:

1) Strengthen the TSSM team to work together as a global team; 
2) To share lessons learned and insights in the three countries on core areas of the program;
3) To agree on key elements of the global learning strategy and develop a plan for the development of country focused learning strategies and action plans;
4) To share lessons on creating enabling environments for sustaining large scale sanitation programs and agree on country based plans for monitoring and strengthening the enabling environments; and
5) To identify and discuss critical operational and management challenges in implementation and share insights and solutions. 
Below are some key presentations shared at the meeting:
Implementation experiences to date
Sanitation Marketing: the Development of SANIFOAM and its applications in Indonesia
Impact Evaluation – Overview on Global IE design and country differences
Measuring the costs of our interventions and measuring the cost-effectiveness of the sanitation intervention
Process to date to develop M&E performance monitoring plan and next steps for operationalizing