End of Year Reports

End of Year Report FY16

This report outlines WSP’s outcomes in fiscal year 2016, including highlights from the la Business Plan. In 2016, WSP helped expand sanitation services, strengthened domestic service providers to expand services, supported the work in fragile environments, and continued to disseminate knowledge across boundaries.


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End of Year Report FY15

As we approach the end of the 2011–2015 Business Plan, WSP is working closely with its donors to develop a strategic partnership framework and governance structure to implement the vision laid out by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


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End of Year Report FY14

This report begins with the Global Knowledge section, which highlights the importance of technical information and new learning developed by WSP. Business Area Highlights details the approach, implementation status and results of each of the six business areas. Each section also reviews lessons learned and identifies opportunities to strengthen our work. Finally, the section on Global Communications and Knowledge Management outlines WSP’s strategic global communications and knowledge management efforts and Administration and Finance summarizes WSP’s use of donor funds for the year.


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Fiscal Year 2014 Results by Region

End of Year Report FY13

This report provides details on results achieved by WSP in fiscal year 2013.  Topics include:

Global Knowledge
Business Area Highlights
Global Communications and Knowledge Management
Administration and Finance
Fiscal Year 2013 Disbursements

Since 1978 WSP has helped expand access to water and sanitation by engaging with governments, donors, academia, civil society and the private sector. In fiscal year 2013, the team worked closely with government clients to scale innovative approaches and encourage policy reform that brings lasting change to the sector and helps reduce global poverty. 


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Fiscal Year 2013 Results by Region

End of Year Report FY12

FY12 was WSP‘s second year implementing its FY11-15 Business Plan. This report aims to highlight key activities and results in each of the Program‘s six core business areas. 

In FY12, WSP continued its effort to implement a global results framework and monitoring tool in each of its 24 focus countries for the FY11-15 Business Plan. This included: i) aligning the 24 individual country programs with the six global business areas; ii) refining country strategies to better reflect the specific results WSP wants to achieve; and iii) developing baseline assessments in each country. WSP also improved indicators and developed specific scoring systems at the Intermediate Outcome level to help articulate the different dimensions of progress under each business area.


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Fiscal Year 2012 Results by Region

End of Year Report FY11

WSP more than doubled rural sanitation programming.

WSP programming has demonstrated viable sanitation markets for places such as Kenya and Bangladesh.

Poor-inclusive sector reform, in 21 of WSP’s 24 countries, has supported the establishment of a base from which governments can develop poor-inclusive policies.

Climate change work in Peru and Bolivia has supported the integration of disaster-risk management tools into sector policies.


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End of Year Report FY10

The EYR provides highlights of results achieved in FY10 under the six business areas outlined in WSP‘s Business Plan, while also providing information on budget, expenditures, human resources, fund raising activities, and a summary of project delivery status during this period.


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End of Year Report FY09
The Program’s work on replicating and scaling up solutions reach exponentially more people than any individual project or activity.


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End of Year Report FY08
FY2008 marked a transition year for WSP’s program strategy, management, and operations as the program continued to scale its activities to increase its strategic impact.


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